Trent Williams and Nick Bosa creating “must-see TV” for 49ers

The 49ers may have made both lines better by trading for Trent Williams.

In fact, General Manager John Lynch said watching the veteran left tackle battle with defensive end Nick Bosa in practice was clearly one of the highlights of camp so far.

“I will say it’s must-see TV to watch those two,” Lynch said in a video tweeted out by the team. “Wherever I’m on the field I try to watch the whole picture, but my eyes go right there. Two pros that are incredibly blessed with talent. But they really are technicians and want to be great, and they challenge each other each and every day.

“And to watch the respect amongst each other. It looks like during the snap they trying to kill each other, but then they help each other up. They compare notes. It’s really been fun to watch. Two guys who can do it as well as anyone in this league and the coolest thing is to hear them say how much better they’re going to be for it. Iron sharpening iron at the highest level.”

The 49ers had a very good tackle in Joe Staley last year, but Williams has a different kind of talent, and is clearly going to push Bosa, if not push him around. And working against a player as gifted as Bosa will help Williams get rid of any rust that might have built up while he wasn’t playing for Washington last year.